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Live Your  Best Life

At the AdventHealth Diabetes Institute, formerly Florida Hospital Diabetes Institute, we’re committed to supporting you and your family in body, mind, and spirit as we empower you to manage your diabetes.

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We Have a History of 

Helping Patients Like You

For more than 20 years, the AdventHealth Diabetes Institute has been helping educate, treat, and support patients with diabetes. As one of the largest and most comprehensive diabetes and obesity institutes in the country, we treat more than 30,000 patients each year in our state-of-the-art facility with a multidisciplinary approach.

We don’t just want you to live with diabetes; we want you to thrive and live a full, happy life. Our highly experienced diabetes specialists offer comprehensive care through medical treatment, education, lifestyle and nutritional modification, group and individual counseling, support groups, and weight management.

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Education and Care That

Put You in Control

The goal of our Diabetes Self-Management Education program is to help you better understand ways to control your diabetes. Discover new cooking techniques, take control of your weight management, and make friends to support your lifestyle changes. AdventHealth Diabetes Institute hosts a range of English- and Spanish-speaking classes and events to support more of our community. We’ve developed educational resources and ongoing support, including our Diabetes Education, Group Self-Management Class, one-on-one counseling, and our New Day, New Weigh program.

Diabetes Education


New Day, New Weigh Program

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A Multidisciplinary

Approach to Your Care

See how real change for a healthier life starts at the AdventHealth Diabetes Institute. Watch how we are empowering people to live their best life with diabetes through our expert team’s medically guided care.

Find the Right

Treatment for You

Assessing and intervening early can make a big difference in how you approach your diabetes and weight-loss care.

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Advance Diabetes Care

We’ve been nationally recognized for our efforts at the forefront of diabetes care, offering leading-edge treatment, information, and resources to empower our patients.

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We’re on a Mission to

We’re here to empower you by taking a body, mind, and spirit approach to treating diabetes. We’ve developed unique programs and resources that target positive, lasting lifestyle changes to maximize your ability to control your diagnosis, such as our Dining With Diabetes program, a taste-and-learn class that includes access to videos and recipes for you to utilize at home. By incorporating fitness and behavioral counseling into your program, you’ll be strengthening your skills at managing diabetes yourself and living the life you want to live.

AdventHealth Orlando is recognized U.S. News & World Report as the highest-ranked hospital in Florida for diabetes care and endocrinology.


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AdventHealth is recognized as one of America’s highest-rated hospitals for patient safety by The Leapfrog Group.

AdventHealth is recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of America’s best hospitals for diabetes & endocrinology.


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