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Sometimes, your journey to whole health takes an unexpected turn. And when it does, you trust only the best to mend you. Our esteemed surgical experts are here to help, blending world-class surgical technology with leading-edge care and award-winning hospitals to heal what’s hurting — in body, mind and spirit.

Through education and prevention, leading-edge research and advanced surgical procedures, AdventHealth is a global pacesetter in cardiovascular disease treatment.


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Your peace of mind is important to us, so we want to arm you with every ounce of information possible about how surgery may help you heal. This helpful guide will walk you through a number of the questions you may have about general surgery at AdventHealth.

  • What conditions can be treated with general surgery?
  • What types of advanced surgical treatments are available?
  • How long is the expected recovery time?
  • Will I start to feel like I used to?
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Minimally Invasive Techniques Maximum Quality of Life

There is comfort in knowing that your team of surgical experts specialize in healing a wide range of conditions and disorders. Some of the most common procedures that we perform include the following:

An abdominal hernia occurs when there is a hole, tear or weak spot in the muscle wall, allowing intestine, other organ or in some cases fat tissue to bulge through. This can lead to pain and more serious complications if left untreated. Using leading-edge technology and the skills that come from years of experience, our hernia surgeons specialize in minimally invasive laparoscopic and robotic assisted procedures to heal inguinal, incisional, ventral, and umbilical hernias. Your safety and comfort are our top priority so you can get back to living the life you love.

Gallbladder surgery may be recommended for a variety of conditions that affect the gallbladder, including cancer and gallstones. While a serious surgery, our experts have dedicated their practice to minimizing the healing time and pain for this procedure. They do this by utilizing laparoscopic, minimally invasive techniques as much as possible to reduce healing time, scaring and pain.

An appendectomy is an emergency procedure to surgically remove an infected appendix (appendicitis) when symptoms present. The goal is to remove the appendix before it ruptures and becomes life-threatening. Our elite surgical staff have improved and refined less invasive laparoscopic appendectomy techniques to reduce the number of incisions and minimize pain, scarring and recovery time for you. If you experience symptoms of appendicitis, seek emergency medical care immediately.

Gallbladder Removal (Cholecystectomy)

Hernia Repair


Whole-person health means you feel empowered to take your health into your own hands. From expert surgery to healing and committing to a lifestyle of wellness, you’ll have access to a blend of specialized programs to support your best life at every stage. We’re here to help you feel whole again — in body, mind and spirit.

You receive more than world-class care from the surgeons at AdventHealth — you get a world of caring. From the emotional support to prepare for your operation, all the way through to personalized aftercare therapies, we are here to help you feel in control of your healing. It’s all designed to make your life easier on your path to whole health.

Support at Every Step Toward Recovery

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AdventHealth is here to support your path toward whole-person healing. Whether it’s an unexpected or planned surgery, there is an experienced surgical team across Central Florida ready to heal with leading-edge surgical techniques, advanced technology and an extra dose of human compassion. 

From hernia repair to appendix removal, gallbladder surgery and everything in between, it’s our promise to do everything we can to help you return to your best life as quickly and painlessly as possible. We do this by specializing in minimally invasive surgery, robotic-assisted surgery and innovating new surgical methods that reduce healing time and put your comfort and safety first.

Surgical Excellence and Whole-Person Healing

A hernia happens when an organ or tissue pushes through a weak spot or hole in the muscle wall, usually in the abdominal area. General surgeon Scott W. Bloom, MD, FACS, FRCSC, explains how to perform a hernia self-exam at home to feel and see a hernia, along with symptoms to watch for and when to see your primary care physician for an evaluation.

Dr. Scott W. Bloom Explains How to Do a Hernia Self-Exam

How to Do a Hernia Self-Exam

The Leapfrog Group has exclusively recognized AdventHealth with the Emerald Award for remarkable achievements and leadership in patient safety, quality and transparency by a health care system, including maintaining a culture of excellence throughout all levels of the organization. Delivering consistent, high-quality, whole-person care is our priority, and we’re honored to be the first health care system to earn this award.

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