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Your heart is at the center of your health. And our experts are the center of your cardiovascular care. Leading-edge cardiovascular specialists are here to support your journey at every step.

We know a heart failure diagnosis comes with a lot of emotions and worry, but your treatment team will be there to ensure your journey to better health is as positive and successful as possible. 

The first step is understanding heart failure, a serious condition that affects more than 900,000 Americans each year. Historically, a heart transplant has been the only cure for heart failure when medications fail to reverse the disease process. However, very few people qualify for a transplant, the waiting list is long, and the number of hearts available is limited. Some patients would rather not undergo the risks of transplant as well. 

Our team can offer another advanced surgical solution, the VAD (ventricular assist device). This sophisticated, implantable pump allows the damaged heart to restore its function and move blood to the body and vital organs. 

AdventHealth offers heart care where you live, with world-class cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons. In addition to our award-winning network of hospitals and our whole-person approach to care, your care team will help you understand and treat heart failure while empowering you to regain control of your health.

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Your Treatment Is Our Specialty

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